John Updike: A life in pictures

John Updike

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John Updike was born in Shillington, a small town in eastern Pennsylvania, the son of a maths teacher and a saleswoman. ‘I loved Shillington not as one loves Capri or New York, because they are special,’ he later wrote, ‘but as one loves one’s own body and consciousness, because they are synonymous with being’. His mother encouraged him to write, but had thwarted literary ambitions of her own; when asked about her son’s fame in later years, she replied: ‘I’d rather it had been me’

Photograph: Getty

John Updike: A life in pictures


2 Responses to “John Updike: A life in pictures”

  1. coffee Says:

    the loss of John Updike makes me wonder if the literary world is being replenished at the same rate that it’s losing such great writers

  2. massmeeting Says:

    Someone said: John Updike was a very great writer. In the American pantheon, he has secure place next to Melville and Hawthorne, Hemingway and Fitzgerald!
    I believe that…

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