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David Miliband is the right choice for Labour leader

September 9, 2010

  • Observer editorial

  • Of the two leading candidates, the older brother will offer a more credible challenge to the coalition

It is four months since British voters expelled Labour and Gordon Brown from power. Only last week did party members get their ballot papers for the election of a new leader.

In May, the advantages of a long campaign seemed obvious. The end of a 13-year stretch in office demanded a period of reflection. So did the election result, which offered Labour a disorienting mixture of relief and rout; bloody defeat with the weird consolation that total annihilation had been widely forecast.

Gordon Brown’s election bid was the biggest failure in that campaign, but not the only one. Nick Clegg’s surge vanished. David Cameron’s pleas for a clear blue majority were ignored.

Voters did not reward any party with a resounding mandate and yet the Liberal-Conservative coalition that took power has wielded it with impetuous energy verging on arrogance. It aims to change fundamentally the relationship between government and citizens. A sustained assault on public spending is the means to do it. It is not clear that the country gave its consent for this experiment, although it will be profoundly changed by the result. [continued]